Christopher J. Lyon | Partner

Co-Editor, Remedies in Intellectual Property Cases, dri® Defense Library Series (August 2018)

Co-Author, Monetary Damages for Copyright Infringement, Remedies in Intellectual Property Cases, dri® Defense Library Series (August 2018)

Speaker, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and the Employer’s Liability (Hunt Valley Business Forum; Hunt Valley, Maryland; July 12, 2018)

Speaker, Artists and Copyright Law (Maryland Art Place; Baltimore, Maryland; June 30, 2018)

Speaker, Mid-Atlantic National Association of Theatre OwnersMaryland Employment Law Update (Springfield, Virginia; May 23, 2018)

Speaker, Paid Sick Leave is Now the Law: Is Your Business Complying? (Baltimore, Maryland; May 2, 2018)

Speaker, Copyright Law and the Monkey Selfie:  The Crested Macaque as Author? (Baltimore, Maryland; March 10, 2018)

Speaker, Copyright for Artists (Baltimore, Maryland; March 7, 2018)

Speaker, Employer Responsibilities:  Owning a Business is One Thing, Having Employees is Another (Baltimore, Maryland; November 7, 2017)

Speaker, Choosing and Creating the Right Business Entity: Clarifying the Options and Requirements (Baltimore, Maryland; November 1, 2017)

Speaker, Overtime Laws Revisited: What Every Employer Must Know (Columbia, Maryland; October 24, 2017)

Co-Author, Cell-Site Simulators and the Fourth Amendment: Government Surveillance, The Lexis Practice Advisor Journal, Special Edition 2016 Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Protection

Speaker, Looming Changes to Overtime Laws: What Every Employer Must Know (Columbia, Maryland; May 20, 2016)

Speaker, Drugs in the Workplace: What Every Employer Must Know (Linthicum, Maryland; February 19, 2016)

Speaker, Authorship in Copyright: The Crested Macaque as Author? (Baltimore, Maryland; October 8, 2015)

Speaker, Social Media, Technology and Your Employee Handbook (Columbia, Maryland; February 20, 2015)

Author, Octane Fitness: Not Just Another Supreme Court Patent Case, For The Defense, January 2015

Author, The Silly Things We Say and Two Trademark Cases at The Supreme Court, DRI IP Litigation Committee Newsletter, November 2014

Speaker, Evidentiary Issues and Importance of Documentation (Baltimore, Maryland; February 27, 2009)

Co-Author, ALFA International Compendia on Transportation Law for Maryland and the District of Columbia, 2004-2009

Co-Author, ALFA International Compendia on Products Liability Law for Maryland, 2004, 2007, 2009

Author, Implied Indemnity Between Co-Defendants, The Defense Line, Spring 2007

Co-Author, Challenges to Life Insurers: Fraudulent Foreign Death Claims, For the Defense, January 2007

Speaker, Basics of Maryland and Virginia Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement (Baltimore, Maryland; May 24, 2005)