Joseph D. Allen | Of Counsel

Employment & Labor Law

Joseph advises and represents businesses on labor relations and employment matters, as well as employees seeking to vindicate their legal rights.  In his immediately former role as in-house counsel, he became intimately familiar with current Maryland and federal employment laws and regulations.  He evaluates and drafts employee policies and agreements that both comply with legal requirements and are understandable to the full spectrum of employees.  Joseph understands that employers must balance legal risk with business needs, and helps them achieve this balance through careful listening and thoughtful advice.  In some situations, conflict between an employer and employee is unavoidable, and Joseph provides skillful advocacy before administrative bodies (such as the EEOC, DOL, NLRB, and their Maryland equivalents), or if necessary in the courtroom.

Civil Litigation

Joseph is an experienced litigator.  Among the areas in which he has successfully represented clients are commercial and residential landlord/tenant disputes, breach of contract actions, personal injury suits, and insurance coverage disputes.  Joseph also has extensive experience handling electronic discovery matters, including in some of the most historically significant securities class actions and government investigations.

Criminal Defense

Over the course of his career, Joseph has aggressively represented numerous criminal defendants, achieving favorable outcomes in many cases through pretrial investigation and negotiation, jury or bench trials, and/or sentence mitigation.  In particular, Joseph has deep familiarity with the operation of the federal sentencing guidelines and their interaction with 18 U.S.C. § 3553.  He has consulted with some of the most prominent white collar criminal defense attorneys and firms in the U.S. to help them craft persuasive sentencing memoranda and sharpen their presentation of mitigation arguments.