World Bunkering Interview with Steve Simms

Firm Principal and IBIA board member Steve Simms was recently interviewed by David Hughes for World Bunkering. Simms was asked to explain how his interest in maritime law developed and where he sees the industry going in the near future. He explained that maritime law has been a passion of his even before he founded his own firm about 20 years ago. He has been particularly engaged with bunker suppliers, tug companies, and container lessors, which he refers to as one of the “oppressed classes” within the maritime industry because they are often the last ones paid in many transactions. However, he sees some potential changes as a result of the OW situation insofar as the first thing that is asked in every bunker transaction is whether the physical supplier has been paid. Simms stays involved in the maritime industry as a board member of IBIA, which is poised to continue to be a leader in future developments in the industry. He is very focused on increasing North American involvement in IBIA, especially as the maritime world continues to move toward international standards of fuel content and quality, and pollution reduction.

If you are interested in reading the entire interview, a full version of the article is available here. For information and advice on how Simms Showers can assist your company in keeping ahead of the developments in the maritime industry, contact Steve Simms.